This week, President Obama has been talking up his foreign policy accolades in New York and sending his surrogates to applaud all of his many successes, from

opening up Cuba to inking the Iran nuclear deal. The trouble is the gaping wound that goes untreated in the cradle of our civilization: Syria.

Overlooking this, or at least failing to even nod at it, as speeches by Obama’s foreign policy advisors appear to indicate, is an abdication of the

responsibility to protect innocent civilians. It also is a way to dodge the proverbial elephant in the UN General Assembly: that Assad and his Russian and

Iranian backers have played this administration for fools.

This administration needs to acknowledge Russia for what it is: a global pariah that in any sane world would be ostracized and called out for the atrocities it

commits time and again. Instead, it is embraced by this administration, as if it were just a misunderstood uncle who means well.

Indeed, the single greatest impediment to world peace today is not China’s rise but Russia’s arrogance. From the bombing of hospitals and humanitarian

shelters in Syria to the hacking of computer servers of U.S. political parties, Russia, it would appear from a God’s-eye-view, exists merely to exact mayhem.

Its motives reflect those not of a revisionist state but rather of a Neanderthal caveman or locker-room bully with a Napoleon complex - it literally hacked the

World Anti-Doping Agency’s website as retribution for being shut out of parts of the Olympics for doping allegations - itself a heinous crime that got off

with a slap on the wrist.

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